We are a team from Ukraine who have been doing treasure hunting and selling metal detectors for the last 10 years.

We fell in love with this activity, and organized a club of fellow treasure hunters. It's the biggest club of such kind in Ukraine, including about 2200 participants at the moment.

So we finally decided to make our own device: modern and universal gadget which would meet the needs of any user!

As nowadays everyone has a smartphone with a decent Bluetooth support, such a design became possible.
So just turn on your phone and set out for adventures!
Just turn on your phone and set out for adventures! Hobby that inspires.

Metal detector (ground search) allows you to find various valuable metal items, such as: coins, jewelry, gold, electronics, wall wirings, etc.
It can be useful in different areas: treasure hunting, archaeology, security.
Detector is able to differentiate the metal type, so you can discriminate not useful items.

All known metal detectors incorporate big and expensive control block.
Air Metal Detector utilizes user’s phone (Android or iOS) with application on it instead of control block. That allows us to make our device cheaper and more compact, while keeping all features of professional metal detectors (visible range, functions, etc.). Also, phone app gives us opportunity to create more clear and user-friendly interface. Such a design became possible here and now due to computational power and connectivity capabilities (Bluetooth) of modern smartphones. This way we can carve out new niche: affordable professional metal detectors.

Technical Specifications:

Digital Target ID -50 - 99

Frequency 7.5 kHz

Metal detector type IB VLF

Coil type DD

Length (Adjustable)

Audio Tone ID Levels 3/4/99

Signal processing Digital

Microcontroller ARM STM32

Wireless module BLE, HM-10

Wireless connection distance up to 30 ft. (10 m)

Battery built-in rechargeable battery

Application for grant of patent for utility model #u2017 12901(UA)

Turn your phone into professional metal detector

Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Competition Events, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting Cache Hunting, Prospecting, Ghost Town Hunting - treasure hunting, archaeology, security

Additional display embedded in coil (check current battery charge instantly).
Highlight of search zone. Discrimination. Pin-pointer modeGround balance (manual and auto). Coil: smart DD-coil, 9”
Android and iOS compatible.
Ground balance auto adjustment with respect to temperature. Power on with magnet keychain (Hall sensor enabled coil). Modular architecture Phone app has comprehensive advantages for data processing and displaying. Low price (no need for electronic control block) Compact design: all electronics is in waterproof coil. Easy to start: user-friendly interface: basic and advanced modes.
Visibility range is the same as for professional detectors

Air Metal Detectors at the World Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada USA CES2018